When Dogs Fly, They Are Madtown Flyers

Submitted by Molly Johnson – Madtown Flyers:

Is Spartan Obstacle Course Racing a Metaphor for Life?

We are very proud to share this written piece by Paul Lachance:

Mike Lee Chose the Fit Life

Michael Lee has one of the most incredible transformation stories in the fitness industry; we are very proud to share it, and to be a trusted product as part if the journey:

All Around the World, Samanta Embodies What It Means To BE a Spartan

Once again, we have come to know an inspiring and amazing individual who is implementing Boost! Samanta posted and tagged us on her Instagram @spartanxica from the Spartan Race at Big Bear – we ...

Nikki is an Iron Belle and Trusts Boost!

“Hey! My name is Nikki Henry and in addition to being a lifelong athlete I survived blood clots in both lungs and a partially dead lower right lung nearly 10 years ago! Boost Oxygen has helped keep ...

Justin Scholl and the Boston Marathon

Written and submitted by Justin Scholl – Boston Marathon Finisher