Photo credit: Bryan R. Smith, Getty Images | Scientific American recently published an article discussing oxygen deprivation in coronavirus-blocking respirators titled "New Design Helps N95 Mask Wearers Breathe Easier" and how Stanford University researchers are addressing the problem. Here is an excerpt:

"Wearing high-grade filter masks can help protect against the novel coronavirus. But after a few hours, these tight-fitting devices can also make it really hard to breathe. N95 respirators, for example, are famously good at blocking viral particles—but they can also reduce the amount of available oxygen by up to 20 percent. Stanford University researchers are addressing this problem with a portable device that pumps pure O2 directly to the wearer."


We at Boost Oxygen have also been sharing information on our website and social media about how supplemental oxygen can help fight the symptoms of oxygen deprivation and Facemask Fatigue. Our brand of affordable and portable 95% pure oxygen can also provide a boost of oxygen if you have to wear a mask for long periods! Obviously, it is IMPORTANT that we all CONTINUE to protect ourselves by wearing a mask.

Read more about the effects of Facemask Fatigue from our previous blog on the topic - and watch our video below:


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Written by Bill Banks