Video: Boost Oxygen CEO Rob Neuner interviewed on TV8 in Colorado

When Boost Oxygen began in 2007, it became immediately popular as an all-natural respiratory support for visitors to the winter ski resorts in Colorado like Breckenridge, Vail and more. Boost Oxygen is portable 95% pure oxygen and helps visitors acclimate quicker to high-altitude regions. It’s also a recommended remedy to help fight altitude sickness.

Boost Oxygen CEO Rob Neuner recently appeared on TV8 Summit from Breckenridge to talk about the benefits of using Boost Oxygen. Started in 1990, TV8 provides up-to-date information about weather and current events for residents and tourists in the areas surrounding Vail and Breckenridge, Colorado.

You can watch the video below – if you’re visiting the high-altitude Rocky Mountain regions during this winter ski season, make sure to bring some Boost Oxygen. It’s available online or at retailers everywhere! To find a store near you that carries Boost Oxygen, visit our website STORE LOCATOR

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Written by Bill Banks