We want to share this very interesting article from the LA Times about the evolution of home building on the West Coast over the past decade that include modern indoor home air quality filtration systems as the outside air quality continually worsens.

“The luxury air business is booming — as many Californians struggle to breathe”

From the article:

“Increasingly, the atmosphere is palpably dangerous. California is burning through the grand finale of its worst fire decade on record, with smoke clouds choking most of the state for much of the last month. The next decade is likely to be worse, as climate change steadily cooks the West Coast. A deadly pandemic is lingering in the air, keeping people cooped up at home, or anxiously thinking about aerosols and air flow whenever they venture outdoors.

For buyers at the upper reaches of the real estate market, peace of mind can be purchased in the form of deluxe air filtration systems that keep the world at bay.”


Real estate has capitalized on rarefied air in the past — Los Angeles itself was populated on the promise of healthier lungs. In the late 1800s, the quality of the mild air brought so many consumptive Easterners to the area that out-of-state newspapers started calling the region “sanatarium and fruit country.”

But once polluting heavy industry and millions of cars arrived in the state, the price of clean air became bundled into the cost of real estate. The working class lived close to the factories, ports and highways, the middle class filled in the flats and suburban valleys, while bosses lived in the hills above the coughing crowds. (more below)

Air Quality


Our take: Clean air and easy access to Oxygen shouldn’t be a luxury, but it is an unfortunate reality of the world we live in. As the article points out, many people don’t realize that indoor air quality can be much worse than the outdoor air. We generate a lot of emissions indoors. Plastics and cleaning chemicals emit fumes, gas stoves and furnaces create combustion byproducts, and cooking itself can create dangerous levels of pollution. However, THERE ARE easy ways you can improve your indoor air quality. After reading the LA Times article, we hope you will visit these informative links and related articles below that can help you:

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Written by Bill Banks