Boost Oxygen on Shark Tank: Review

When it was announced that Boost Oxygen was going to appear on ABC’s Shark Tank, the local news outlets were extremely supportive. Milford’s Hamlet Hub was no exception and they were kind enough to feature a Boost Oxygen Shark Tank review of their own. It was really exciting to be given such a massive platform to promote a product that we all sincerely believe in.


The Boost Oxygen motto is “Help is Here” and we truly mean it. We aren’t just talking about all-natural respiratory support, but every aspect of our business. We are a team of folks who are ready to help all of our customers and clients. From stellar customer support to supplemental oxygen ending up in the hands of our customers, our whole focus is on helping. 


There have been a lot of naysayers and trolls and negative reviews that have come out since we appeared on Shark Tank - and even before - but our customers know that they can rely on us to help them whether they need supplemental oxygen, help with an order, or even directions to the nearest store that carries Boost Oxygen in a can. 


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Written by Mike Grill