Supplemental Oxygen for Whisky Adventures!

Whisky adventure might be our new favorite phrase. Our friends at Whisky Advocate have come up with a list of whiskey adventures and they kindly included us for the Park City adventure. We get a lot of use in and around Park City. As the most recommended remedy for hypoxia due to altitude, Boost Oxygen all-natural respiratory support is available at tons of retail locations in town. 


But we wanted to talk more about the idea of the whisky adventure, especially at altitude. Supplemental oxygen is a necessity on this adventure for a few reasons. First, the altitude and acclimating. If you are headed to any adventure at altitude then the chances that you had time to acclimate are pretty low. All-natural respiratory support comes in handy here to help you acclimate and fight the effects of hypoxia from altitude. Second, if you are on a whisky adventure, then there is a pretty good chance that you will have plenty (if not one too many) of whisky. You might wind up with a hangover. Supplemental oxygen can be an adventure saver here, too! Hydration and canned oxygen are the best hangover remedy. 


Whether you are headed out on your whisky adventure in the summer (mountain biking and hiking!) or in the winter (skiing!), Park City offers so many opportunities for outdoor adventures. Bring some Boost Oxygen along with you on your adventure and enjoy your time to the fullest!

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Written by Mike Grill