Boost Oxygen Review: All-Natural Respiratory Support Benefits

Boost Oxygen frequently appears in print magazines, which feels kind of fun in this digital age. Luckily most print magazines are also digital now, too! Tampa Bay Wellness featured us last year and it remains a great review of our all-natural respiratory support. They managed to hit all of the main benefits of supplemental oxygen from help with trouble sleeping, enhancing your mood and giving you an energy boost to quicker recovery and better mental acuity. 


All-natural respiratory support is pretty much applicable in every circumstance we can think of, which is why we always have a can of oxygen to go. Some of the same reasons supplemental oxygen helps with sleep apply to lowering stress levels. Recovering from or during a workout is similar to recovering from a hangover. Boosting your mood? Well we can help with that, but a lot of it is up to you. That being said, maybe supplemental oxygen has a Pavlovian response for you, and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

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Written by Mike Grill