Oxygen Bars Never Died, We Made Them Portable

Boost Oxygen makes a great gift any time of the year, but when it comes to Christmas, our Pocket Size all-natural respiratory support is a killer stocking stuffer. Tabby’s Pantry gave us a review of our supplemental oxygen as a stocking stuffer and credited canned oxygen for making her time living in Colorado that much more pleasant for the folks visiting her. 

Altitude and especially hypoxia due to altitude is the biggest reason folks find out about and use Boost Oxygen. We even get mentioned in the same breath as “those oxygen bars from years ago.” Truth be told, oxygen bars are still thriving at altitude in towns like Breckenridge, Colorado. One of our favorites is the O2 Lounge. Whether you visit an oxygen bar for a longer oxygen session or you grab a Pocket Size can of oxygen for when you hit the slopes, you can rest assured that “Help is Here!”

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Written by Mike Grill