A Revolutionary Nootropic: THINK TANK

When we first launched THINK TANK, a lot of people were confused. Granted, it was a little confusing to introduce a fifth aroma, but under a different brand name and with a different focus, but we launched THINK TANK nonetheless. HIV Plus Magazine included THINK TANK in its gift guide from last year. They are pretty spot on in their assessment, but we did want to make sure that folks weren’t getting confused between our Boost Oxygen all-natural respiratory support aromas (scents) and THINK TANK.


See, nootropics are an interesting idea: take a pill to make your brain function like it has never functioned before. But the problem is that nootropics have always been a pill or an elixir. We sat down and realized that we had a better, natural and organic solution at our fingertips: Rosemary. Rosemary has been used since ancient times, by the Greek philosophers and through the centuries by the likes of Shakespeare and many others to help increase cognitive ability, memory retention and focus. 


Turns out there are scientific studies (and more coming out every day) that support Rosemary’s aromatherapeutic qualities. THINK TANK is the perfect delivery system for a revolutionary new nootropic: oxygen. Oxygen also helps your brain function and when it is combined with the pleasant Rosemary aroma in THINK TANK, we know you will notice a difference. 

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Written by Mike Grill