Boost Oxygen on Shark Tank Overview

Last October when Boost Oxygen was featured on Shark Tank, we started getting national press coverage from the likes of Parade. While many folks and almost all of the Sharks were confused about the idea of canned oxygen, one person who very much was not confused was Kevin O’Leary. In fact, Mr. Wonderful even invested $1Million in Boost Oxygen on the show. 


That was an incredible experience for CEO, Rob Neuner, and COO, Mike Grice, and we must say that it has been a joy to watch their pitch every time it airs. Their cool, polished demeanor and the knowledge of all-natural respiratory support is only aided by their desire to truly be a help to anyone who needs it. It’s why the Boost Oxygen motto is “Help is Here.” 

We mean it when we say it, especially when you need supplemental oxygen, Boost Oxygen is right here for you. Give us a call sometime!

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Written by Mike Grill