Boost Oxygen Review: Supplemental Oxygen for Mountain Biking

Mountain bikers love Boost Oxygen. So do long distance runners, cyclists, swimmers and any other endurance athlete, but mountain bikers cover a couple different markets for us. Mountain Bike Action wrote up a really nice review of Boost Oxygen and mentioned our three different sizes that are all aimed at helping mountain bikers reach and exceed their limits. While we don’t suggest that anyone far exceeds their limits, all-natural respiratory support can be a huge help when you want to go farther. 


Mountain biking is one of the perfect use cases for supplemental oxygen because it involves intense work sessions (climbs) followed by rest (easy descents). Now, not all descents are easy, but we find that the best thing to do after a rugged climb is to take in the view, take a breath of supplemental oxygen and take a quick fuel break. 


One of the best things about our canned oxygen is that it is nearly weightless, so it isn’t like you are lugging an oxygen tank up a mountain with you. Instead, you get all of the benefits of a tank of oxygen in a lightweight, super portable and recyclable container!

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Written by Mike Grill