Supplemental Oxygen as a Beauty Product

Boost Oxygen isn’t often thought of as a beauty product in the US, but it totally is! Not only is it great for a stimulant free and caffeine free boost of energy, but because oxygen works at a cellular level it promotes the health and well-being of every cell in your body. Luxe Beat does a great job mentioning the mental and physical fatigue that all-natural respiratory support helps promote as well. 


Supplemental oxygen makes the perfect companion for your next trip to the spa. Why? If a spa is supposed to be relaxing, re-energizing and restorative, then you need all-natural respiratory support.


Boost Oxygen for Relaxing

Breathing techniques have been around for thousands of years and have been used to relax, de-stress and focus. Boost Oxygen is like a relaxation booster. It can be a great way to remind yourself to take a deep breath and the support of 95% pure oxygen in a can provides a boost of oxygen to help you relax. 


Boost Oxygen for Re-Energizing

Oxygen helps by maintaining aerobic energy levels. Basically, if your cells are respirating, then 95% pure supplemental oxygen can help those cells respirate consistently and for longer. Guess what! If you are doing almost anything other than anaerobic workouts - high intensity, high heart rate - then your body is working aerobically.


Boost Oxygen for Restoration

Combine the calming elements of all-natural respiratory support and the cellular level energy boost without the come-down of coffee or other stimulants and you end up with a restoration.

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Written by Mike Grill