Boost Oxygen and Hypoxia

One of the most common uses for Boost Oxygen all-natural respiratory support is in combatting the effects of hypoxia due to altitude. JohnnyJet shares a great story of a friend of his who used our supplemental oxygen to help them adjust to the altitude in Colorado’s mountains. He also offers some great tips for traveling with Boost Oxygen.


While Boost Oxygen cannot be brought on board an aircraft (per the TSA) you can enjoy some of our favorite tips for traveling with Boost Oxygen:

  1. Buy Boost Oxygen online and have it shipped to where you are staying
  2. Check out our store locator to see if any of our retail partners are near your destination
  3. Ask friends or travel companions who will arrive before you to pick up Boost Oxygen 
  4. You can always contact our friendly and helpful staff if you need to coordinate a large shipment, too!

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Written by Mike Grill