Boost Oxygen Review: Oxygen and the Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry is one that shares a lot of qualities as Boost Oxygen’s supplemental oxygen industry. We are both predominantly inhalables, both are natural and pure and both had been used on the fringes but are gaining a lot of traction in the mainstream. Hempure’s review of Boost Oxygen is with 50 year-old men in mind, but really it applies to anyone. Not only should you get someone you love all-natural respiratory support to help them when they have had a rough day, but you can get it for them to have on hand whenever they need an energy boost, too!


The other interesting thing that we have heard from quite a few folks is that our supplemental oxygen helps enhance the experience with cannabis. We don’t have studies to back those claims up, but we do know that there is really never a bad time to use supplemental oxygen and that many of the natural remedies that cannabis claims to aid, oxygen helps relieve, too. 

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Written by Mike Grill