Boost Oxygen Shark Tank Interview with 960 WELI

Part of appearing on ABC’s Shark Tank meant a whole handful of media appearances for Boost Oxygen CEO, Rob Neuner. Luckily Rob is one of the most genuine and charismatic people around. When 960 WELI asked to interview Rob last September about the upcoming appearance on Shark Tank, he jumped at the chance. The interview with host Vinnie Penn is lively, if slightly irreverent, but Rob really does a great job humoring Vinnie and pushing the interview along the right rails.


As you may have noticed, media folks don’t always know exactly what to do with our all-natural respiratory support. It’s really helpful to have one of our regional managers or especially Rob around to explain the massive amounts of benefits that come from supplemental oxygen. It’s not a gimmick, despite many people’s first reaction on social media and if you read our reviews on Amazon or Google, you will be able to see that Boost Oxygen is for everyone. 

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Written by Mike Grill